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  1. ADT UT1 CO - S of Dewey Bridge

  2. ADT UT2 S Dewey Br - Lockhart Bsn

  3. ADT UT3 Lockhart Bsn - Beef Bsn

  4. ADT UT4 Beef Basin - Hite Crosng

  5. ADT UT5 W of Hite - Sandy Creek

  6. ADT UT6 Cap Reef - Aquar Plateau

  7. ADT UT7 Aquar Plat - Circlvl Mtn

  8. ADT UT8 Circlevil Mtn - Milford

  9. ADT UT9 W of Milford - WahWahVal

  10. ADT UT10 Wah Wah Valley - NV

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