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  1. View/Order ADT NE1 Omaha - Wabash
    From the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge over the Missouri River to the village of Wabash on the Mopac East Tail.
    - Not available at this time, please check back soon

  2. View/Order ADT NE2 Platt RivSP - Valparaiso
    From the Lied Platte River Bridge crossing of the Platte River to the Mopac East Trail at Wabash then heading west on the Mopac East trail to Lincoln, the state capital. The route then leaves Lincoln and heads north to the town of Valparaiso where the Oak Creek Trail begins.

  3. View/Order ADT NE3 Loma - Stromsburg
    Map starts on the Oak Creek Trail that leaves Valparaiso and heads to Loma and then to Brainard. The route proceeds to highway 92 / 81 and then heads west to Osceola and then south to Stromsburg. The route proceeds south of Stromsburg about 3 miles where it heads west at that point.

  4. View/Order ADT NE4 E of Polk - Giltner
    Map continues on Highway 66 just east of Polk and proceeds west beyond Hordville, where the route turns south on Highway 14, skirting Marquette, and proceeding south to Aurora. The ADT heads west on Highway 34 about 8 miles and then south 7 miles and then west on Giltner Road about 12 miles into Doniphan.

  5. View/Order ADT NE5 Doniphan - Minden
    From Doniphan the route follows a zigzag pattern as it follows the river bottom on the south side of the Platte River valley. The western edge of this map ends just south of the city of Kearney and the site of old Fort Kearny on the south side of the Platte River.

  6. View/Order ADT NE6 Ft Kearny SRA - Lowell
    From near old Fort Kearny the route heads west towards Lowell.

  7. View/Order ADT NE7 Lowell - Gothenberg
    The route follows a zigzag pattern as it finds its way using the Tri-County Canal located in the river bottom area sandwiched between the high hills and canyons to the south and the Platte River to the north.

  8. View/Order ADT NE8 Brady - Maloney Res
    The route leaves the Tri-County Canal and follows area roads as it continues a zigzag pattern. One mile west of waypoint M60240 is Jeffrey Reservoir, located in the canyon country above the route. Waypoint M60280 is Fort McPerson National Cemetery, where soldiers who died during early settlement days are buried. The route proceeds west by following the Outlet Canal leading out of the Sutherland Reservoir.

  9. View/Order ADT NE 9 Sutherlnd Res– Keystone
    The route follows the Outlet Canal to the west into the Sutherland Reservoir, heads north at the reservoir, crosses the South Platte River, and then heads into the town of Sutherland. From here the route heads west towards Paxton and then along the Sutherland Canal and then crosses the North Platte River just south of Keystone.
    - Not available at this time, please check back soon

  10. View/Order ADT NE10 Lake McConaughy – CO
    The route continues west from Keystone to Kingsley Dam which forms Lake McConaughy (Big Mac). The route follows Highway 92 on the north side of the lake as it heads west. At the west end of the lake, it takes Highway 26 south to Day Road, and then heads south to Highway 138, taking it into Big Springs. At Big Springs, the route heads west-southwest on Highway 138 to the Colorado border.
    - Not available at this time, please check back soon

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