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The purpose of this page is to provide information concerning problems on the trail.

Road Closure and Detour on the ADT in Maryland

At waypoint B20180 a bridge is out and undergoing repair.  This is where Rutland Rd turns south (left) off of MD 450 or Defense Highway.  The gully is quite steep, with mud, rocks and a stream at the bottom.   A hiker might be able to circumvent the construction site some yards further east on Route MD 450;  however, going around the fences and barriers and down the steep sides and through the water with a pushcart or bicycle is not feasible.   We recommend the following detour:

Continue going straight on MD Route 450 for about 3 or 4 miles, past the town of Crofton.   Turn left, south, when Route 450 hits Route 3, for about half a mile.  Turn right, west, and continue on Route 450 through the town of Bowie until you hit Route MD 197, Collington Rd.   You will rejoin the ADT at Waypoint B20280.  Turn Right, North, and continue on Collington Rd.
This detour takes you through some nice woods and suburbs.  There is a shoulder on the side of the road for much of the detour, but not all.


Flooding near Cincinnatti
Kentucky route 8 between Ludlow and Bromley is impassable due to flooding, US50 in Ohio may be a suitable alternative but its condition is unknown.

Please contact your state coordinator if you have a trail alert that should be added to this page.

This page last updated February 25, 2018.

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