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Traveler Links

This page provides links to journals or information for previous American Discovery Trail travelers.

•June 13, 2012 - David and Patrick are traveling east. They are In Colorado and have changed to mountain bikes.

•May 24, 2012 - After finishing the ADT in Delaware, Kirk and Cindy made it home to Connecticut. Their last part of the trail was on the AT. Visit their web site at

•Apr. 21, 2012 - Steve the Mountain Man is hiking the ADT in CO as he can. He has passed through Colorado Springs and is heading towards the Pike National Forest.

•Apr. 5, 2012 - Dave made it to Dolly Sods in WV. He is having to stop his hike after 400 miles due to a medical condition. Visit his web site at

•Dec. 10, 2011 - Tyler and his dog Mabel are finished and adjusting back to Chicago winter. Visit his twitter at

•Dec. 10, 2011 - Jeanette and Richard have reached the Atlantic!

•Nov. 14, 2011 - Bruce and Cheryl finishsed the trail at Point Reyes. They had stopped in Sept., but made a decision to start back up in Oct. and finish the trip. See their trail journal at

•May 1, 2011 - Mark finished NE and is headed for Estes Park CO. - no update available. See his forum at

•Nov. 10, 2010 - Bruce and Cheryl stopped for the year. Visit their trail journal at

•Oct. 30, 2010 - Mark has reached Omaha NE. He enjoys tallking with various people as he travels. Visit his forum at

•Oct. 3, 2010 - Jeff & Kristin have reached the Fort Hill area and stopped hiking for the year. Eva also has finished her hike for the year.

•Sept. 2, 2010 - Ken stopped hiking in the middle of August. His Achilles tendon in his left foot had a small tear in it. When he stopped he was about 4-5 miles from Omaha, NE. Visit his web site at

• July 24, 2009 - Paul and Sharon decided to hike across their home state of West Virginia to celebrate their 40th anniversary. They finished their hike today and Sharon had a big let down feeling. She didn't really expect a band and welcoming crowds at the finish, but she was sad the adventure was over. Here's a link to thier trail journal:

• May 16, 2009 - Jenny and Rick Putnam are stopped due to Rick's foot problem. They are staying in MA now, but Rick has orthotic inserts for his shoes. They are getting in shape during July and hope to start back on the trail in Aug. Read thier blog at

• June 2, 2009 - Jane March and Holly Leaman left on Easter Sunday to start their horseback ride on the ADT. Unfortunately, after two days of riding they had some problems and are returning home. Even though they were still trying to arrange to start again, Jane now has a shoulder injury. This will postpone thier ride. Here's a link to their web site

• June 1, 2009 - Howard Lee started on the ADT May 9, 2009 from Joliet IL. He is having a major problem with a huge blister. He is also rethinking the contents of his pack. Read his blog at"

• Nov. 24, 2008 - Lory Mitchell and John Wingate finished their adventure. Read Lory's journal at . Here's the link to John's journal at

• Nov. 8, 2008 - Josh Howell and Jodi Harrington finished. Read Jodi's journal at Josh's journal at

• Nov. 5, 2008 - Mike Daniel, the "Lion King", finished his hike today! Read his journal at Read his press release Mike Daniels Press Release.

• Oct. 11, 2008 - Ron Kessler finished his hike on Sunday the 12th. Read Ron's journal at

• Aug. 17, 2008 - Josh James finished his hike at Point Reyes, CA. Read his journal/blog at And read his recap of the entire hike at

• May 6, 2008 - Jim Shaner hiked this week at Pike Lake State Park in OH. He only hikes a few weeks of the year.

• Oct. 9, 2007 - Jim Hopson has finished for the year. He hiked the Katy Trail in Missouri and ended at Kansas City, where he will start back up again next year. Jim found the Katy to be very friendly with lots of small towns along the way. He enjoyed the town cafes, the B&B's, and the friendly folks. One note he made was about the lack of wildlife along this trail. Most other states had all kinds. Read his journal at Poynter Online.

• Sept. 8, 2007 - Trey Crispen visits The Junction Trail Fest at Milford OH. He has stopped hiking for the year and is staying in the Cincinnati area.

• Dave Toolan and Stuart Hamilton (2006-2007) -

• Mike and Crystal Davis and their dog Beaner (2007) - Read their journal at Outdoors Online.

• Debbie Schachner (2007) -

• Peter and Joyce Cottrell (2007) They are the first backpackers to complete both the northern and southern route of the ADT! Read their press release.

• Robin Grapa and Patty Laatsch (2006) -

•Jakob and Tamar Teitelbaum (2006) -

• Sherry and Randy Propster (2006) -

• Cabel King and his dog Coltrane (2006) -

• Ken and Marcia Powers

• Matt Parker and his horse parker/index.html

• Peter and Joyce Cotrell cottrells/index.html

• Brian Stark stark.html

• Laurie and Bill Foote adtjournal/index.html

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