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Trail Angels

All along the ADT, numerous folks help the long distance travelers. Some just provide much needed water, others provide camping sites in their yards, and still others provide rides to town and back, meals, lodging, and laundry facilities. Some have even hiked along the route. Many of them go way out of their way to assist in some manner.

Many of the ADTS Board members will assist travelers as they near the board member's state.

The ADTS thanks all the Trail Angels for looking out for the comfort and needs of the ADT travelers.

As a potential traveler on the ADT, the ADTS recommends you check out the trail journals of the various ADT travelers to view some of the "trail magic" provided by our Trail Angels.

Please note: You should not count on nor expect any additional help other than what you arrange for your trip. If you do experience "trail magic" you should not take it for granted.

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