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What's New On The American Discovery Trail

The National Discovery Trails Act has been introduced in Congress. Here is why this legislation is important, and how you can help it become law.

Keep up to date with the many other things happening on the American Discovery Trail.

January 30, 2016 - Limestone Post Magazine article about the American Discovery Trail in Indiana.

Trail Videos Available

Jim Shaner who has been hiking the ADT in sections over several years, has made some short videos of the trail:

Here's a video of Ryan Herrmann taped in Parkersburg, WV by WTAP:

•March 7, 2016 - Our quarterly newsletter, Discover America, is being printed and mailed to all ADT members.

July 9, 2014 - Equestrian information is now available in a pdf file format., The document is work in progress with the remaining states to be included shortly.

NOTE: While the American Discovery Trail Society is pleased to link to ADT traveler's trail journals from the Society's web page, the ADT Society reserves the right to decide which content is inappropriate for publication on our site. The Society does not support any content which includes violation of hiking ethics or breaking of local, state or federal rules or regulations. The ADT Society will not link to any trail journal with such content. Readers are invited to report any inappropriate content to

The ADT Society also recommends that travelers who post their travel journals on the internet should exercise standard precautions when including specific information about their location. This recommendation is made for the safety of the travelers.

March 22, 2016, - Jim has reached WV and got to eat what he considered his best DQ burger ever! Here are links to a newspaper article and his web site:

March 22, 2016, - Brett started his hike on March 10. He has reached DC and is taking a quick break to visit there. You can follow him on the ADTS Facebook page.

March 22, 2016, - Stephen, Smiley the Champ, has made it into Ohio. Here's a link to his hiking journal or you can follow his progress on the ADTS Facebook page.

March 14, 2016, - Deidra and Christian have stopped thier trip and returned home. The first days were difficult, but the animals settled into the walk. Farms along the way were great supporters, but the horse was losing too much weight. Here are some links to a newspaper article, their facebook page, and their web site:

February 22, 2016, - Catie has returned to help home school her younger brothers and sisters. Todd is continuing on in southern Ohio. You can follow him on the American Discovery Trail Facebook page.

• July 2, 2008 - Virtual ADT Hike Click here to see a virtual hike on the ADT. Note: Best viewed with the Internet Explorer Browser.

•Dec. 19, 2007 - A group of non-profits that are working to help preserve and protect the National Landscape Conservation System launched a Web site at This site contains descriptions of all the system's units (including these two trails plus more) and places for people who have adventured on these lands to post stories and photos.

LINKS to PREVIOUS American Discovery Trail travelers

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