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1998 Trip Plan & Schedule

The weather here in Virginia has turned from winter to almost summer and it has really ignited the cabin fever and we are anxious to hit the trail. We have been able to hike or bike several days per week and we are feeling pretty good. We are also much less apprehensive than last year and are ready to proceed with confidence that we can handle what the trail brings us.

The schedule below gives you an idea of where we will be for the next two months. The dates are realistic but must still be considered tentative based upon weather conditions, illness, bike troubles, etc. We will receive mail at towns marked as mail drops. If you want to send mail, address it to Bill & Laurie Foot, c/o General Delivery, city, state, zip. In lower left corner, write "Hold for cross country bike riders". The post office will hold mail for 30 days addressed like this. Allow several days in transit so any mail arrives at the post office before we do.

For family members and anyone who may need to contact us in an emergency, we will be in contact with Reese Lukei ( at 1-800-851-3441 every couple of days.

April 15 Leave Charlottesville, VA on Amtrak
April 17 Arrive Denver, CO on Amtrak, begin ride from station
April 18 Greeley, CO
April 22 Julesburg, CO, enter Nebraska
April 25 North Platte, NE 69101, Mail Drop
April 29 Kearney, NE
May 1 Aurora, NE 68818, Mail Drop
May 3 Lincoln, NE
May 5 Springfield, NE 68059, Mail Drop
May 6 Council Bluffs, IA
May 9 Audubon, IA
May 11 Des Moines, IA
May 14 Waterloo, IA
May 15-17 We will drive to Columbia, MO for the ADT Society spring board meeting.
Mail Drop:
c/o Tom Neenan
PO Box 431
Center Point, IA 52213
May 20 Davenport, IA, enter Illinois
May 22 Hennepin Canal State Park, IL
May 25 South Chicago Heights
Mail Drop:
c/o Harv Hisgen
19 W 580 83rd St.
Downers Grove, IL 60516
May 26 Roselawn, Indiana
May 28 Peru, IN
May 30 Marion, IN
June 2 Oxford, Ohio
Final Mail Drop:
c/o Paul Daniel
7 Peabody Drive
Oxford, OH 45056
June 3 Arrive Cincinnati Amtrak station
June 4 Arrive Lynchburg, VA

© Copyright, William & Laurel Foot, 1998, Lynchburg, VA.
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