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Hello!! My name is Gary Wilson, 2016 I took a solo kayaking journey to the Gulf of Mexico from Akron Ohio. March of 2019 I plan on riding a mountain bike from Maryland to California on the ADT. Looking for tips and information on maps?.

Gary Wilson jr
New Franklin, OH

High fellow hikers. My name is Christine, and I'm saving and planning to walk half of the ADT this May 2019. From Cape Henlopen to Pueblo CO. Like Suzanne West (the message before mine, email doesn't work) i want to walk for a cause. Good luck to everyone out there and I hope to meet some of you on the trail.

Christine Power
Pueblo, CO

Hi! My name is Damian and im starting,to do research and slowly raise money for my treck of the entire trail! Any information on where to start or any information about what gear works best wpuld greatly be appreciated!

Damian Rose
Wynantskill, NY

Hi, I am a single Mom with Fibromyalgia. I am almost 59 years old and I want to walk this trail before I turn 62 so I have some time to get ready. I hope to raise a bit of money for fibromyalgia research and awareness. I would be interested in meeting others who would like to walk with me.

Suzanne West
Zephyrhills, FL

I am planning a walk on the ADT in 2020. I will be celebrating 25 years cancer free, I will be 70 years old and I want to finish the I tried to do back in 2008.

Gary Mitchell
Stonewood, WV

Hello everyone! My name is Trevor Stephens and I am currently serving in the USMC. I am about to be coming up on the end of my service and as a celebration of my service and my best friend graduating from college we are planning a trip to walk from San Francisco to Boston starting March 1 2018. We plan on using the ADT from San Fran to the Indiana-Ohio border. We are looking for any tips about the trails anyone may have. We're mostly concerned with the Nevada and Utah portions of the hike. Like how long are some of the bigger stretches between civilization? Are there a large amount of snakes? Whats the best way to navigate the trails? All tips and answers to questions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Trevor Stephens
council bluffs, Iowa

My wife and I are willing to be a trail angel as the ADT nearly passes our condo in the small section in Kentucky just outside Devou Park, in Covington, Kentucky. We'd offer thru hikers a bed, shower and meal. I wrote an article in Cincinnati Magazine comparing Spain's Camino Trail to the ADT. I've done the Camino and a small section of the ADT, as well as a lifetime of backpacking in Alaska and the lower US. Contact me if you coming through our area. Jene at 513-378-3764.

Jene Galvin
Ludlow, Kentucky

Leaving to do half of the ADT at the end of May, hiking for 2.5 months. Resuming where I leave off next May and finishing it.

Nick Corey
Cleves, OH

I am walking about halfway on the ADT E/W from St. Louis MO to CiA. I am accompanied by my amazing 2 Yellow Labs Mystic and Sunny. We are writing a book about our travels. I just turned 50 and I am a Combat Vet walking for the Wounded Warrior Project and other great Causes. Please Follow us on Twitter and our Blog. We leave no footprint and have a Federal Interagency Pass. If you have accomAdations along the route please email us!!! I am a skilled Carpenter and will provide a great barter to those showing kindness on our trek. We walk to show that America is already great! This is run. We will leave in 2018 for the Epoc Trek. Look forward to meeting fellow Great Americans along the way. Thanks to those we have already met and befriended in Corning Arkansas. Your spirit has been instrumental in our preparation Jim, Barbara. Randy, David , lLady on the Lake, Adam. Stef, Louis just to Name a few. We travel the trail as one!!!

2Labsandahuman. @searanger3 (Twitter)

Craig and the SeaRamgers

Craig Clements
Ocean Springs, MS

im gonna start my trip in July 4th and i am traveling all the way to Delaware. any tips or a places should visit and is there a certain map i should use.

jacob griffin
Province, OK

I've wanted to do this trail for a while, but from everything I have learned, there is NO WAY to possibly do it without giving you guys $60 for the directions. Nice setup you have going here.

Noble Tactition
Parsons, WV

I'm planning a cross-country mountain bike ride beginning in late May or very early June. Most of the route will consist of the ADT, it will also include the Colorado Trail and Durango to Moab route. We'll be traveling east to west. If anyone is interested in joining on this ride, definitely get in contact!

Joseph Renish
Stowe, VT

Hello All! My trail name is Snake Charmer. I will begin my journey on the trail from the Western Terminus on, or about, May 10 2017. I will hike for three months and plan to wrap in Denver by mid August. My plan is to bypass the Sierra Nevadas in may and come back to cross them in late September. In 2018 I will complete the trail.

I have some interest from others to join me on parts of my journey and I also have a Trail Angel that will be hanging around me for the trip.

If anyone is interested in tagging along or the Trail Angels info, please let me know.

Martina (Snake Charmer) Parmley
Sun City, AZ

My sons (22 and 20) have been considering this hike. I am curious if there are places that I can send support boxes with misc items to. My hope is to send things ahead of them so that the items are available when they get to whatever the next stop is.

Kascy DuBoise
Pilot Rock, Oregon

Hey All,

I have plans to hike the ADT in 2017. Plans of riding solo with a big dog unless anyone would like to do the thru hike with me. Can start in Cali or end in Cali, depends on the season.Please give me tips of your experience, things that came in handy to pack, or any other valuable information. Also, if anyone is generous to provide housing at anytime on the journey there would be fantastic and greatly appreciated.

Kindness and best of luck

Mollyanne Bauer
Dayton, Oh

Hello hikers bikers

I'm looking to start my trip from California to Ohio next year pushing for Jan- February . I'm looking for any type of advice , roots, euipment suggestions , I will be biking it alone . But any type of advise is welcomed please send email thanks in advanced and Best of luck to all on your trips .

Scott Karpinski
Winterville, Oh

Hi Fellow Hikers,

I recently moved to upstate New York to accomplish some new goals and explore the hiking arena of the Catskills. Charmed by the beauty of the inner and outer experience, I got closer to nature than I thought possible and contacted Lyme very sooner after my arrival. I was once bitten as a child and had no awareness of the dangers and how important precautions are before any journey. I am healing and want to pose a challenge to walk to San Francisco to raise awareness on Lyme Disease and the potential for a full recovery.

With that being said, I am looking for interested hikers to join me on this walk, and/or those who have information about the hike, camping facilities and everything in between! Thanks for your support! And good luck to those starting their journey.


Dana Brecht
Winter Springs, FL

For 3 1/2 years I've been virtually following the trail (Southern ADT route). I'm currently heading west "in" Illinois almost to Missouri.  I think it would really raise awareness of your trail to develop an app that would let people virtually travel your trails using their pedometer steps (Fitbit!).  You could offer the app for free but periodically ask for donations.  I thought it might be interesting to be able to buy patches signifying the sections that have been covered. It would be crazy cool to let people who actually do walk the trail to post pictures for the virtual walkers!  What do you think?

Lynn Weinfurther
West Bloomfield, MI

I am wondering if there is any body that has recently finished any part of this trail out west? How was your experience? Thanks.....

Dee Pautz
Mountville, PA

I am starting my trip in 2 weeks from morgantown wv all the way to california. Would love to meet ppl on the trail on the way :) 1 epic trip :)

Charles Mcnabb
Morgantown, WV

Hi hikers!

Would love to offer shuttle/camping in my backyard/warm meal to anyone coming through Muncie, IN. Just shoot me an email when you're passing through :) Happy trails!

Lea Bowden
Muncie, IN

Hi dear hikers

I started on march 3rd at cape henlopen going west to san francisco. If you have good advices or know some hosts on the trail, i would be glad to recieve a mail.

I'm now staying in washington...

Martin Koster
St. Gallen, CH

I plan to hike across the country from California to Deleware. What advice would you give me and what's the best time to start?

Ana Martinez
Fremont, CA

I am planning to walk to the adt from beckley wv all the way to colorado. me and my hound hambone :) we got a long trek but we will be starting soon.

charles mcnabb
beaver, wv

Thanks Your articles are great!

Peter Rauch
Petersburg, Polen

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