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I work in Williamsport, MD and walk the towpath everyday, year round, and today I met a very interesting woman, Cynthia, who allowed me to share her walking time with her.  Cynthia is walking the ADT and started about 3 weeks ago in DE.  I was amazed and envious of her fortitude.  Even though we only shared about 30 minutes together, she left me with a feeling that anything is possible.  Good luck, Cynthia, and have a safe trip.

Sue Kline
Williamsport, MD

I am staring the trail on May 5th! I am brining my dog, I have a 40 day supply of dog food and a 70 supply of food for me. Are cities close enough for restocking? Also please like and share my page on Facebook! Thanks for you support!

Patrick Murphy
Huntsville, AL

Just giving an update. We are currently at Greenbelt Park, MD and we will hike through Washington D.C. tomorrow. We have spent the last three days touring D.C. with some friends we met along the way. Lord willing we will be at the C&O Canal tomorrow evening. Happy Hiking

Christopher Sunde
Lineville, AL

I will be staring the trail in DE on May 5th. I am a Veteran and I am walking this trail to raise awareness for Homeless Veterans. Here is my link.

Patrick Murphy
Huntsville, AL

Hi there,
Have been giving good consideration and planning towards riding the ADT on horseback this upcoming year. Anyone ridden its entirety? Or know where I could connect with someone who has?

Emily Johnston
Rockford, MI

Gary Mitchell
Stonewood, WV

Hello Everyone!

It looks like we will be on the trail the week of March 21st 2014. We have gotten almost all of our gear. Still trying to figure out mail drops. Thank you for any advice & best wishes to all the fellow hikers!

Christopher Sunde
Lineville, AL

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