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I am wondering if there is any body that has recently finished any part of this trail out west? How was your experience? Thanks.....

Dee Pautz
Mountville, PA

I am starting my trip in 2 weeks from morgantown wv all the way to california. Would love to meet ppl on the trail on the way :) 1 epic trip :)

Charles Mcnabb
Morgantown, WV

Hi hikers!

Would love to offer shuttle/camping in my backyard/warm meal to anyone coming through Muncie, IN. Just shoot me an email when you're passing through :) Happy trails!

Lea Bowden
Muncie, IN

Hi dear hikers

I started on march 3rd at cape henlopen going west to san francisco. If you have good advices or know some hosts on the trail, i would be glad to recieve a mail.

I'm now staying in washington...

Martin Koster
St. Gallen, CH

I plan to hike across the country from California to Deleware. What advice would you give me and what's the best time to start?

Ana Martinez
Fremont, CA

I am planning to walk to the adt from beckley wv all the way to colorado. me and my hound hambone :) we got a long trek but we will be starting soon.

charles mcnabb
beaver, wv

Thanks Your articles are great!

Peter Rauch
Petersburg, Polen

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