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this would make a good documentry, i would love to do it

Matt Walsh-Sarnecki
Omaha, NE

Ok I been looking for a guide book or maps at alot of outfitters. Still no luck. Im heading out this spring for the east to west American Discovery trail. I notice the web site gives you a detailed of what to follow. So I guess Im going to play it bye ear. If anyone has done the trail and have some trail journals of where to resupply and camp out at. Please e-mail me at

alphonso eusantos
waldorf, MD

I count steps; since July'06 - Nov.17,'08 I added up 1,410.5 pedometer miles charted to American Discovery Trail from Delaware to Illinois (virtual hike to California)! Yippee

Karen Whitfield

I live an hour on sidewalk streets from Illinois prairie path (IPP) first I didn't even know it was part of Greater Illinois trail (GIT). I heard from my sister-in-law that there was a path off Gougar where they live, so I searched online for bike trails. I also checked the satelite view for bike paths and wide roadways. I found Old Plank Road Trail on google maps when I zoomed in close street level to be able to see sidewalks. I used to bike a small portion of the canal trail and didn't know it connected to the Hennepin and Greater Illinois Trail(GIT) and there were a number of signs on the path. I did not know that Old Plank Road was part of American Discovery Trail(ADT). I was only kidding when I said I might just ride the trail out to California or to Maryland. I didn't know I could. I may still do that since the dnr website said something about campgrounds and local hotels.

Dale Bulthuis
Woodridge, IL

Well im heading out this spring for a east to west coast cycling tour. I know some of the trail is accisble bike bike, mainly through MD. Is most of the trail accisable by bike?

alphonso eusantos
waldorf, MD

Hey all.

Just a thanks to all those people along the route who make this easier when it is tough.

and it does get tough.

2 months left, give or take.

Lion King

Lion King
ADT hiker

I commute by bike to work. The American Discovery trail is unavailable where I need it. I have to ride on a busy two lane road with no shoulder. The funding is available but the trail still isnt complete. I've posted some topics on the Ioway trail forum. Thanks for any help you can give in finishing the American Discovery Trail. Chad

Chad DeMers
Ely, IA

I'm extremely happy that this is happening. Keep up the good work. I was thinking that giving people recognition for their donations at certain areas along the trail would be a good incentive for some people to donate. This is what the Trans Canada Trail people have been doing and I believe they've had great success. Keep it up!!

Nick Youds
Ames, IA

Doing this virtual hike with a group of people who are quitting smoking with the help of the American Lung Association Freedom From Smoking Website. Trying to offset the weight gain and improve our health now that we are no longer smoking. Anyone interested in joining us contact us through the FFS message boards.

We have just crossed the border into Missouri at St. Louis. My name is Joe
and username is nujo56.

Joe Hart
Fort Worth, TX

Hey everyone. I plan to head out on the trail south of Chicago and end in Utah. Just a little summer trip before the next semester starts and I can't wait! I'm 20 years old and wanted to know any advice that more experienced hikers would have (though I've done my fair share ha). Thanks a lot!!

Adam Wesner
Elkhorn, WI

I just wanted to thank these people for doing this for the Autistic children. I have a boy that is autistic. I keep trying to find more information about the different ways to help him in school and in every day activities.

Nora Farthing
Artemus, KY

Planning to hike ADT march of 2009, have hike the AT, also completeing PCT 2008, trail name is Wal-mart joe, joint me for hold or part of ADT

Joe Naia
Jesup, GA

I am 20, and plan on leaving for the American Discovery Trail starting in Auguest 2008, and backpacking the whole trip by myself! This will be first backpacking adventure, and i can't wait. Would love if any one has any advice on what i should bring, and how i should train for this. Feel free to email me! Thanks.... can't wait to start this journey of a lifetime!

Daniel Drake
East Lansing, MI

I'm heading out from Henlopen hopefully on my birthday May 1. I'm going by bike and hope to hit the Pacific by the end of October. Hope to see you all on the trail!!!

; )

Jon Oldsen
Butler, PA

WOW! I am in love with the idea of this trail. I have been travelling for as long as I can remember. I love to camp, hike and explore. I just came off the road a few weeks ago from a hitchhiking trip and am gearing up to do a portion of this trail. I believe I will start in W. VA and head west. As I can't stay still for too long, I'm hoping to begin late april or early may '08. The AT crowd doesn't appeal to me, though I am hoping for some fairly regular human contact. All advice (except the standard- you can't do that) and tips as well as mail drop locations would be GREATLY appreciated. A partner isn't out of the question either. FYI- I'm 34, m, libra-easygoing and hardworking; and I always enjoy contact with other travellers/ journeyers.

Jeremiah Jordan
Orange, TX

2,128,734 steps since I started my virtual ADT on July 8, 2006 That is 1,064.4 miles! I am "hiking" Indiana along Ohio State Line making the southern route to Clifty Falls State Park- thanks ADT

Karen Whitfield
Herculaneum, MO

I just wanted to post a quick "good-bye". We are setting out to hike this trail in 10 days and I am so pumped. If anyone reads this post and wants to contact me, meet up with us along the way, or whatever... I look forward to the support and conversations!

Jodi Harrington

Three sites you can check out:

Jodi Harrington
Oregon, OH

Hey i am Mr starks student he is a great teacher and is passionite about what he does. GOOD LUCK!!!!

tanner doughty
tucson, AZ

Wow this is great. I just started planning this trip. I'm thinking of leaving right around April 1st.. I won't be hiking the entire trail.. I'm starting in Central Indiana and taking the Southern Route. Anybody heading West around the same time send me and email.

Michael Lingley
Montmorenci, IN

I am SO EXCITED to learn abut this trail! Thank you for the website and for everything you do to help share information about the trail with others. I CAN'T WAIT TO HIKE THIS TRAIL! P.S. Anyone interested in hiking in or around the South Bend, IN area can contact me at I could use a few good hiking buddies to keep me motivated! Thank You So Much! And God Bless! Mrs. Linda Kay Paff. P.P.S. I should probably add that I am BRAND NEW TO HIKING AND MAY BE SLOW AT FIRST. I am 36 years old and somewhat out of shape. But I LOVE the outdoors & I want to see more of it while getting in shape at the same time. If anyone else out there feels the same way please drop me a line at Maybe we can hike together sometime. Thanks!!!!!!! :-) :-)

Linda Kay Paff
South Bend, IN

I am SO EXCITED to learn abut this trail! Thank you for the website and for everything you do to help share information about the trail with others. I CAN'T WAIT TO HIKE THIS TRAIL! P.S. Anyone interested in hiking in or around the South Bend, IN area can contact me at I could use a few good hiking buddies to keep me motivated! Thank You So Much! And God Bless! Mrs. Linda Kay Paff.

Linda Kay Paff
South Bend, IN

I just got back from an overnight hike in Perry Co INDIANA. Our trip crossed the ADT i never knew it was there hope to hike more of it in the future.

Brad Dwyer
Floyds Knobs, IN

If some of the trails don't allow horses, what is the alternative route? And does anyone know how long it is to do the ADT on a horse?

Mike Michno
Plymouth, MI

I thought about walking from coast to coast last week and learned about the ADT from Google. I'm definately cosidering hiking the ADT in the near future. It's good to know that such a trail exists.

Joshua Rucinski
Niagara, WI

Wow... this is nice to see so many people who share the same dream. Life moves so fast sometimes, that's why I'd like to slow it down and take a loooonnng walk. Maybe I'll be able to appreciate life and what I have a little more. If so, it'll be worth it.

I just finished my undergrad and before I start grad school next fall I was thinking about taking a few months off work. I want to walk across America next summer, starting sometime in May of 2008. I don't know if I'll do the entire trek... maybe just the Mormon Trial. The Mormon Trail goes from Nauvoo, IL to Salt Lake City, Utah. Anyone else thinking about a similar trip. If so, let me know. Its always great to have someone to brainstorm with.

James Kirby Snideman
Des Moines, IA

As an avid hiker, I was interested to see the Trail advertised in a catalog of accepted organizations in the Combined Federal Campaign. I have specified a donation on a bi-weekly basis, and am looking forward to learning more and taking a hike on the Trail.

David Ross
Ridgecrest, CA

Our preparations for our hike across America are well underway and we are so excited! We will be leaving from Cape Henlopen State Park, DE on February 29, 2008. Our plan is to hike 25 miles per day with one day off per week and estimate our arrival at Point Reyes National Seashore, CA in mid-October. Before the trip and along the way we will be raising awareness and support for Neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic disorder of the nervous system which causes tumors to form on the nerves anywhere in the body at any time. NF is a progressive disorder and is one of the most common genetic disorders in the United States (one in every 3,000 to 4,000 births). We have a good friend, Jeremy Eby, who has been battling NF for years now. He is an amazing person and friend and after seeing the struggles that he has endured due to NF, we want to help. It is our hopes that hiking the ADT will be an excellent way to raise awareness and support for NF, through a variety of sources including friends and family, media contacts, web sites, and word of mouth.

We will be tent camping most of the way, preparing drop boxes with our food ahead of time, and doing numerous other things in order to keep our trip costs as low as possible, but we still need help to make this hike possible. If anyone has the ability to help sponsor us or has any connections to others who may be able and willing to sponsor us, please contact us. We would greatly appreciate it. We would also like your permission to publicize your support on our fundraising web page, web journals, My Space pages, and Facebook sites.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you just want to chat!

Take a hike!
Jodi Harrington, Kevin Chirnside, and Dustin Ulrich
Our e-mail:
Web journal:
My Space:

Jodi Harrington
Oregon, OH 43616

This is a great trail. Good website.

Christina Drews
Catonsville, MD

Hi, I've been looking for something like this for quite some time now, the ADT looks fantastic! I'm looking at starting my walk in Delaware around August '08. The only thing is I'm planing this from rainy old England so I'm unable to find much on the trail or resources along the way. If anyone has any tips or would like to offer help organising the trip (as I have only left college and still have virtually no organisational skills) please email me :D Thanks!!

Josh Henderson
East Yorkshire, England

have traveled the country by van and am toying with the idea of hiking it! 40 years old and very out of shape - wont be trekking till at least 2009. anyone interested in keeping me and my 3 legged terrier "chico" company?? e-mail me and we can toy with the idea together!!

lisa manjourea
lakeland, FL

Hi, I'm 28 and live in Naples, Florida. I would like to trek the entire ADT but would like a partner to do it with. My schedule is completely flexible right now and willing to start planning the trip asap. I'm also flexible as to where we start on the trail. Please e-mail me if you are interested. Thanks ! =)

Ray Godfrey

are bicycles encouraged on the trail, or just hikers???

janice dulemba
naperville, IL

I would like to hike the Delaware section E to W starting as soon as possible. Anyone interested in joining me? I would consider cycling as well. This would be a trial hike, and I may consider changing future plans to keep going if it works out great.

Eric Ahlquist
Derry, NH

I am planning to hike part of the ADT trail in the early summer of 2008. I plan to start from the Kansas city area and hike east or west for 1-3 months. I would like to hike with at least one other person. I am willing to work with someone else's schedule. If you're at all interested please email me.

Lee Dixon
Overland park, KS

I hope to bike the ADT beginning March 009. The ADT site says it takes at least 5 months; I thought some have done it in 3? Would love to hear from anyone who has biked any part of this amazing trail!

ultra dawn
denver, CO

I'll be starting in DE sometime in June/early July and ending in CA. Hopefully I'll be able to blog my progress at Advice and tips welcomed, please!

Francis Sejda
Norristown, PA

I am jumping on the Adt in Ohio on May 24 2007 heading west to California alone. Will be hiking. Interested in meeting people along the way.

Billy Giles
Shinglehouse, PA

I passed 500 miles on my virtual hike of the American Discovery Trail in April 2007. That is 1,000,000 steps!

Karen Whitfield
Herculaneum, MO

i will leave joplin, mo. may 7th and hike to dodge city, ks.where i will head west on the trail (ADT).FOR MORE INFO ON MY MISSION GO TO: ONE MILE FOR EVERY FATALITY IN IRAQ. THANKS, CURT NIX

curt nix
Decatur, AL

cycling the ADT now from delaware westbound. in ft. ashby west virginia right now.have hiked the a t

steven budny
springfield, OH
4/19/07 will be hosting an ADT/OutdoorsOnline Meet N Greet for the "Trail Angels" of ADT Hikers Mike, Crystal and Beaner. For info, see the "events" tab on

Go Mike and Crystal!

Blake Scott
Winchester, VA

Mike, Crystal and Beaner Davis. You're doing a great job! It's so neat that you are not just "walking" the trail but experiencing this country and the people and places in it. I'm sure your documentary will be awesome!!

Annette Bannister
Battle Creek, MI

Want to hike the ADT all the way. From Cailf To east coast.
What is the best way? thanks.

Glenn Costella
Napa, CA

Mike and Crystal...and Beaner too, it was great seeing you again in Ohio...I am working on the website:, I have already wrote up a little article about you all. i wil update the articles as I recieve your e-mails, and I hope that soon you will be able to post your own information along with photos there too! Keep up the good work, and happy trails!


Blake Scott
Winchester, VA

Advice: Don't walk through West Virginia in February!

Crystal Davis
Harrisburg, PA

I'm a life member of five other hiking organizations, and when I come back to this site after a year long absents and guess what? Your web page has not changed one bit! If you expect people to join your organization in a time of "Great Change" You stay the say, is not conducive to a so called great hiking organization like yours. So, please have the foresight upgrade to and change like the rest of the world.

Thank you very much, from a future life member.

Kevin Dwyer
Glendale, NY

I have hiked the I & M Canal Trail, River to River Trail, Katy Trail and the thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in recent years but now I need a "fix". I'm considering section hiking the ADT east to west for five seasons. Any advise?
Coy Burnett

Jacksonville, IL

Any through hikers needing assistance an/or supplies feel free to contact me.

Mike Haas
Cincinnati, OH

I 'started' in Delaware counting steps July 8, 2006 in a virtual ADT in my working life. I just entered West Virginia January 3, 2007 and 'stepping' strong. For those of us who can't get away...

Karen Whitfield
Herculaneum, MO

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