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a trail across this beautiful land!!! cant wait to walk some of it. are there shelters along the way?

kyle riordan
danbury CT

I am planning one day to walk as far as possible on the ADT to raise awareness and money for Head and Neck Cancer. My husband passed from this horrible cancer.

Peg Trupia
Nottingham, MD

We will be hiking across Illinois along the Northern Route this Fall. In the Spring we hope to pick up where we left off. Hope to see some other friendly hikers on the trail.

Will County, IL

Hi I am looking to doing the C2C America in 2011 in a power chair and would love to hear from anyone who has done the trail in what ever form. I know there are many problems to over come that is why i am giving myself 2 years to prepare. my email address is Thank you

Mary Laver
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

I hiked the entire Appalachian Trial in 1975. Thanks to everyone in all states that contribute their time to keep trails everywhere up and running. In my home state of Colorado I encounter many end to enders doing the 479 mile Colorado Trail. I have never met anyone hiking the ADT yet. I hope I do next year.

Benjamin Ben-David
Englewood, CO

Greetings ADT and visitors. I am posting for two reasons: One - to express my gratitude for all of the effort that has been put into this trail system. It has helped me a great deal to better "realize" the capacity for such a demanding trip! TWO - I have made plans to leave on March of 2010 from Denver to Deleware on the ADT and then from Delaware to Maine. I have many questions about those who have gone West to East on the ADT as well as ideas and/or suggestions for options from Delaware up to Maine?

Thank you for your time and happy hiking!

Jonathon Stalls
Denver CO

Hello from Germany Aunt Sharon and Uncle Paul! This is Lee's youngest daughter, Janet. She told me you were on another adventure! Hope you both enjoy your journey and all the beautiful scenery. We love you!

Janet Martinez
Hambach, Germany

Web Walking the USA - started 3rd July 2009.

Suzy Watts
Girona, Spain

I am planning my first long hike this summer. I've decided to hike the nothern route across IL. I would love to go further but it is all the time off I can get from work. I am departing Aug 28 and will be traveling East to west. I would love it if anyone who has done this section would have any tips.

michael Edwards
Moberly, MO

My wife and I are planning to start walking the trail from west to east in "bite sized" sections. We plan to start a walk across California from west to east in August 2009 and are inviting others to come who may be interested in joining us (all or in part). We are retired, in our mid fifties and are slow steady walkers. We plan on about 60 miles per week with breaks in between weeks. So if you are able to join us for all or part of this journey please email us and we can get into the details. Thanks

Dave Williams
Oakhurst, CA

Hello, Paul and Sharon;
It was very nice to hear from you. I certainly will keep track of your walks on the web site. I wanted to say the neighbors, had noticed you walking, and I was The only one ( at the time) that had the scoop on the 2 walking. HA HA. Not an everyday thing around here to see anyone other then the neighbors out and about. Take care. Have a safe trip Was nice to meet you. Sarah

Sarah Beavers
Moatsville, WV

I'm planning to walk across the USA and have been researching a route...The ADT ooks like the bst and safest route...does anyone know if a support vehicle can drive close to the trail?

thank you

Scott Hallock
Los Angeles, CA

Well a name change I was WalkAbout, but saw that it was taken by another thru hiker so I am now known as Hellfighter. Started the ADT and so far I am loving it, but suffered a set back. Will resume shortly, because my feet are getting the trail itch again. Thanks to the staff of the ADT for helping out and I will be more than happy to promote this organization as I travel this wonderful trail!

Howard Lee
ADT Trail
Hennepin Canal, IL

Love the outdoors and the preservation of trails for all. Would love to help promote and spread the good word about this fabulous organization!

Joy Fleming
Oberlin, PA

i'm looking forward to hiking the adt from kansas to delawarein the summer autum 2009


My trail name is WalkAbout and I am starting the trail in the middle (Joliet, IL) and taking the Northern Route west starting in early May. I will also be blogging my process and adding photos along the way, so maybe they can help the next person when it comes to trail splits etc... The only concern I have so far is getting through the last leg of Utah, I need to still arrange for water drops. So if anyone can help in that area please let me know.

Howard Lee
Wheaton, IL

Anyone want to trek with me in April, 2009 from California to Washington, D.C. and on to the Atlantic Ocean. I will be cycling the route and taking the southern trail. I plan on starting April 2nd, 2009. I would like a cycling companion. If interested, please message me.

My Trail Name is: Five Knives
Male, Age 52, US Army Retired MP

Does anyone know of a good map that shows the ADT route from West to East? If none exist, I guess I will have to make one along the way on my cycle trek across ADT starting in April, 2009.

Please Message me with info if you have any on how I can get a really good map of the ADT so I can stay on course and not get off track.

Five Knives

Five Knives
Tustin, CA

This trail is so unbelievable! I will be hiking due west in March of 2010. I'm spending the summer preparing in the Chugach Mountains up Alaska way. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them! Also, visit my journal at, the name's Gray. So much good information there.

Graham Irwin
Girdwood, AK
January 28, 2009

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