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Jeff and Kristin ended their hike for the year at Evansville Indiana on November 14th. They hope to continue walking in the spring of 2011.

Jeff and Kristin Vandagriff
Tulsa, OK

We just this week lost a treasured family member. Uncle Vernon was an outgoing ambassador in his community. As I searched his name I came upon a journal on your website that told an amazing story about Vernon. It made me smile, and I know that his children will delight in reading the account. You've made my day. Thanks!
Here is the link to his story

Karen Reichley
Saint Louis, MO

I do commend you on your journey and may GOD protect you and your horses and your son.

Ben Cousyn
Lake havasu, AZ

I would really like to hike or bike this whole trail from coast to coast. I would like to complete this journey in my lifetime.

Donna Daytona
Toms River, NJ

John Walker, you can email us at Jeff.m.Van(at)

Jeff & Kristin Vandagriff
Teriton, OK

Will continue prayer walking the ADT in southeastern Indiana starting Sept. 25.

Jim Shaner
Thorndale, PA

Dear Jeff & Kristin Vandagriff: I have family near the ADT that want to help Trail Angel. Jeff&Kristin, how can we reach you to assist in any way? John

John Walker
Simi Valley, CA

New vid clips uploaded, more each week...

Mike Daniel

pavo, GA

I am going to begin hiking ADT from San Fran to Delaware(beginning Sept. 8 or 9)...i will be hiking to raise awareness of the homeless situation here in America...i hope that with my blogs on myspace, facebook, and myyearbook, that i can change perceptions and inspire changes that can combat homelessness...wish me luck

Joe Bryant
Springfield, OR

Well we might be the slowest hikers on the planet, but we rarely miss anything! Walked right up to a racoon today on the North Bend Rail Trail. We are in West Union, WV now with no plans of getting off the trail. Took in the county fair and are headed back out tomorrow.

Jeff & Kristin vandagriff
Norman, OK

Off of the Canal and into Ft. Ashby, W.VA. Woohoo! Having trouble finding a county map. The mountains are beautiful and challenging! God Bless

Jeff & Kristin vandagriff
Norman, OK

great site wonderful hiking

bradley cox
ft. wayne, IN

Great to see many enthusiastic comments about the American Discovery Trail. I plan to begin hiking on it this summer. Still looking for a person/people/small group to hike with. I am open to various time frames and starting points. Will share detailed thoughts upon request. I am a 22-year old college student. I'd like to spend a year on the Discovery Trail as a form of education and activism. If you would consider meeting to walk portions together, send me a message. Happy trails!

Eva Damrosch
Brooklyn, NY

We are on mm 75 on the C&O and it is has been great weather the last 3 days. I have heard it will be hot again by tomorrow. We have met some AT hikers and received some really good information about how much weight to carry, bounce boxes, and that sort of thing. We are actually at a new friend's house in Sheperdstown WV. We will be getting on the trail shortly after we post a new blog @

As always you can read all about it at

Jeff & Kristin Vandagriff
Norman, OK

We made it across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge today!! WooHoo!!! NOTE: the ADT shelter at Tuckahoe State Park, MD is buzzing with wasps and bees. It is also surrounded by a lush green moat of Poison Ivy. Thankfully we didn't get stung or rashed. All and all it was a comfy stop.

As always you can read all about it at

jeff & Kristin Vandagriff
Norman, OK

We are starting our thru hike of the trail today. We are taking the northern route from east to west. We are currently in Lewes, DE at the sleep inn. we are starting the trail tomorrow and are hiking the entire thing straight thru. It's a long story, but essentially God told us to walk across the country and tell people about Jesus. We are using the American Discovery Trail as our route (northern). If you want to follow us you can.

jeff & Kristin vandagriff
Norman, OK

Today attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the trail around Johnson Lake in Nebraska. That stretch of trail was named in memory of my step-brother Paul Matson, and I bought a brick for the rest stop to be built there, in memory of my wife Jeanie. I just learned today that this trail is part of the ADT, and it is pleasing and exciting to me that my personal memories at that spot will extend clear across the country. I'm ready to start hiking! Thank you, everyone involved in this trail, whoever and wherever you are!

John Craig
Parker, CO

Good luck to Christopher Lyon with his Trek across the trail...... for cancer !!!!!

Tamara Mathiau
Marlborough, CT

Here is episode 62, you can watch them all, please share and enjoy!

Michael Daniel
pavo, GA

Really excited to be leaving on the ADT in a few days. I'll be starting in Sacramento, ending in Pt. Reyes, then turning around and coming back. If anyone sees a dude in a bright orange pack, stop and say hello!

Chad Reese
Sacramento, CA

Planning for March 1, 2011 - Hi everyone. I am planning to do the ADT beginning early next year and in training now.

Question: Has anyone done a conversion of the 'east-to-west' ADT Trail Directory Segments to 'west-to-east?' If such a conversion is available please let me know, otherwise I was thinking of doing it myself in an Excel format. If I complete that, I would share with others if there is an interest.

Let me know, thanks.

Carl Jackson
Lake Forest, CA

After losing my business and my apartment, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. I loaded up my backpack and headed out on the ADT. My plan is to walk it both ways. I started out in Santa Cruz on March 20, 2010. I am now just reaching Auburn, CA. I'll post here from time to time.

Barrett Jordan
Santa Cruz, CA

We (my wife and I) started walking sections of the ADT through California last summer and have now hiked almost all of the ADT from Point Reyes to Auburn except for a 30 mile section through the delta and are still about 15 miles short of Auburn. We have had some wonderful experiences already meeting new people and sharing it with old friends. We are able to schedule about a week every two months for walking it. We plan to hike most of the Sierras this summer except the section from Talbot Campground (east of French Meadow Reservoir) to Squaw Valley (which we did last summer). We welcome others to join us. We are in our mid fifties and are retired. We plan on mixing our camping and staying in B & Bs , hotels etc.

Dave Williams
Oakhurst, CA

On May 1 near Williamsburg, Ohio, I will resume my prayer walk across America. I will be walking through Batavia, Milford, and Cincinnati then into Covington, Kentucky. After crossing the Ohio River again at Anderson Ferry, the ADT takes me to Elizabethtown, Ohio before entering Indiana. I hope to reach Madison, Indiana. If there is anyone who would like to join me for one mile, one day or more please contact me. I will be staying in motels during my walk.

Jim Shaner

Jim Shaner
Downington, PA

headed to Boulder, CO early April to train for coast to coast. starting in Cali. on/around May 1st. have until January. Doing trail solo right now. anyone want to come or meet contact me. if you have tips or info contact me. suggestions. Please contact me anytime. I plan on Camping most of the duration.

I will be walking for a cause. Child Obesity. I work for a non-profit in Indianapolis. if you want to join, help out, or more info please call or email.

Isaac Combs

isaac combs
peru, IN

My husband and I are leaving home in 6 weeks to drive our 4 horses to California. From there, we will begin our 2010 thru ride of the ADT to accomplish my childhood dream of riding my horse across the country. But better yet, this dream now has a greater purpose to help others. We are creating a large scale fundraiser and raising media attention to benefit the creation of Hearts Up Ranch, a non profit emotional healing ranch. We have many unanswered questions such as- does anyone have detailed info or a map about the post offices, grocery stores, and especially water that are close to the trail? If so, we would be grateful for some tips. If you would like to support us or learn more about Hearts Up Ranch, please visit our website Thank you for any feedback on the trail you can give! - Jeannette and Richard McGrath

Jeannette McGrath
Jackson, WY

Looks like site will be alot of help. Planning a Cross Country Motorcycle Trip. Looking for places to visit along the way that would be most memeroble. Planning a once in a Lifetime Trip

Darrin Kerwin
Cape Coral, FL

John Walker, you can email us at Jeff.m.Van(at)

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