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Going on the ADT December 26th! Start in Lewes, DE and hopefully make it to Point Reyes, CA in a year (but i dont really have a time limit) via the southern route. Wish me luck!

Paul Lee
Oak Creek, WI

I am hiking across America on behalf of Blended Families of America. I am this non-profits National Coordinator of Blended Family Conferences and will use this effort to draw attention to this 501(c)3 non-profit working to make single parent/blended families stronger! If you are a single-parent or blended family, visit now! If you would like to become a corporate sponsor, email me directly. All donations are tax-deductible.

I am a veteran long distance hiker!

William Bateman
Victorville, CA

I live in Pueblo, Colorado. There is a bear in a tree along the ADT in the middle of the city. This is the third one this year. Be sure to hang your stuff if you camp near here.

Gary Thaller
Pueblo, CO

Hello to all in search of adventure!

Please visit my ADT Journal site at, it's a work in progress!

Graham Irwin
Santa Cruz, CA

There appears to be an error in L10130. I think it should be about 1/2 mile east of where it's listed. (Info taken from Streets and Trips.)

Gary Thaller
Pueblo, CO

It would be a wonderful experience to hike across the country.Is horse back possible from Kansas to Ca.?

Al Seastrom
Colcord, OK

Me and my friend Sam are leaving for the american discovery trail between march 1st and april 1st of 2012. Starting on the east coast (Delaware). Looking for anyone wanting to hike along. Also anyone who can help in anyway with backpacking gear donations/affordable sell. I am totally dedicated to do this. So if you're truly dedicated email me.

Peace, love, respect, Gary

gary whitlock
franklin, OH

i have been wanting to do this trail for several years and now, LORD-willing, i am prepared to go through with my ambition. i hitch-hiked from snow canyon state park (utah) to pasadena (california) and have made my way north primarily on CA-1 to arrive in san francisco this morning. i am hoping to reach pennsylvania by the beginning of september to be a youth counselor for a third straight year at a CHRISTian weekend retreat called camp yoliJwa. hope to see you on the way! :-)

with LOVE,
Abraham LukEmory Oyler
sunday, august 7th, 2011

Abraham LukEmory Oyler
Chambersburg, PA

The Nevada Division of State Parks announced today a new partnership with the American Discovery Trail (ADT) and several, upcoming record-breaking events in 2011.

The Discovery Trail is a 6,800-mile, coast-to coast route. Nevada s portion starts at North Lake Tahoe, at the Nevada-California border, and ends at Great Basin National Park near Baker, Nev.

Ultra-runner Brian Stark, author of the book Getting to the Point in a Dozen Pair of Shoes, finished a 500-mile run across Nevada July 24. His record was 11 days, seven hours and 28 minutes for 490 miles. He climbed 34,000 feet and crossed 15 mountain ranges and six State Parks.

ADT is challenging runners by advertising in running magazines, on blogs and in other social media to beat Stark s record in Nevada.

Other events are being held to promote the statewide route in August and September.

August 10, 2011
Trevor Oxborrow, of Nevada Trail Expeditions based in Reno, is being supported by ADT, State Parks and the TRIGON Mt. Bike Company, on a record-setting race across Nevada that will be used as a challenge for others to beat.

September 3 and 10, 2011
The Backcountry Horsemen, a national equestrian club with chapters in every state, are completing two sections of the ADT the weekends of September 3 and 10. They will be traveling from Tahoe Meadows near Mt. Rose through the Tahoe backcountry and then to Carson City. The other section is the Arc Dome Wilderness section over the Toyiabe Range. Information is available at

September 10-20, 2011
A new adventure tour, limited to 50 mountain bike riders, will ride across Nevada in September on the ADT s route. The ride is sponsored by the ADT, Nevada State Parks and Gardnerville-based World of Wonder Adventures, Inc. The ride will cover over 500 miles, 12 mountain ranges and six Nevada State Parks. A portion of each rider's fee will be donated to the Nevada Public Education Foundation. Supporters are encouraged to donate online at .

Please contact the following people or websites for additional information.

Jenny Scanland, 775-684-2787,
Todd Whear, 775-901-1738,,
Ted Oxborrow, Nevada s ADT coordinator, 530-305-9835

Jenny Scanland
carson city, NV

Hey there

I'm planning on doing the ADT for Help for Heroes. I live in the UK so it will be a big challenge for me! I hope to do this sometime next year!

Michael Beehan
Broadstairs, CT

I am without a doubt going to backpack / hike this trail. I will start on the east coast. I would love to form a group. I have no friends that would ever think of doing this or family. I am still doing the research but with or without a group, I am going. I am not afraid to do this alone. I figure i will be camping for the most part & at times stay in a cheap motel, whatever I feel like doing. I know if I keep doing what I am doing, I am going to keep getting what I am getting & I am so done with all of it!!! I am ready for a drastic change & I figure this will be the best start. Anyone else interested?

Delania Prater
Orlando, FLstate:country: USA

I have been looking for trails to head east. I would like to go, with a small group of people, its the cost and where to stay along the way, as in camp grounds or huts as on the mountains in New Hampshire.

Thank you to the developer of the trails, and the time you have taken to put this together.

I would also like to know, where the chapels are, along the route.

winni dahl
Lake Elsinore, CA

i have never hiked this far, but im going to atempt to hike across the US. im planning on camping the whole way so i dont have extra expenses. anyone who has done it long does it take and how much money will i need? feel free to email me. thanks :)

brunswick, MD

I'm thinking of walking the entire ADT (northern branch through the middle states) as a gesture to promote awareness (and raise money for research) about glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most common and most aggressive form of brain cancer. Most famously, it took the life of Senator Ted Kennedy, but more personally, it took my mother's life early last year. I had begun a trans-US walk (for different purposes) in 2008, but had to stop due to injury and other factors; Mom's cancer became known to us in April of 2009, and she died in January of 2010. More than a year after Mom's passing, I now want to take up my walk again, and am looking to gather as much information about the ADT as I can. Feel free to visit kevinswalk[at]blogspot[dot]com, as well as my Twitter feed:, to find out more about me, my mother, and my current project. Thanks!

Kevin Kim
Front Royal, VA

Anyone in the bay area wanna walk across America and back? I wanna do it, I'm just scared to do it alone and all my wussy punk friends wont come. I guess I'm more scared to do it alone then with a stranger off the internet.


Brandon Elizarde
Foster City, CA

The ADT is two blocks from our home here in Palmer Lake CO . I recently noticed an ADT marker on a post displaying our regional trail system ! As an avid thru-hiker this find is a treasure , a gem , and a Bucket List Must .

JP Harkins
Palmer Lake, CO

i don't know exactly how the program works, but i am interested.

Rhonda Lewis
Baker, LA

While searching for information on the Appalachian Trail, I came across the American Discovery Trail and was surprised and delighted to find that it goes right through my town. This has me inspired to move more quickly with my plans for long-distance hiking as all I have to do is walk down the street and I'm on an epic trail.

Michael Christofield
Muncie, IN

For those of you riding through Pueblo, CO, I just created a BICYCLE TOURING section to my blog which gives tons of local information about routes, food, lodging, entertainment, etc.

Ryan Kopp
Pueblo, CO

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