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I can't wait to start! I plan on going in April. I would love to meet up with anyone else who is going. Also I would love it if someone help me gear. I'm kind of new at this but plan to get educated and go all the way. Does anyone know about shipping at the post office for food or maps?

Krista Weber
Bristol, CT

I am in the planning stage. February departure from Delaware for solo thru-hike. Just started journal on American trail journal site.

Joseph Castine
Oneonta, NY

Last weekend (September first) my family camped in Greenbelt, MD near Washington, DC. We met Scott D there. He was biking across America! He was an inspiration!

Scott, if you see this posting, please let us know where you are now.

Maribel Sindlinger
Philadelphia, PA

hello i am hopeing to hike the discovery trail starting in DE.. i hope to start april of 2013 and was wondering if there was a trail map of the entire route im afraid to get lost .. so if anyone knows the exact route from east to west please help .. also any one want to join me there welcome to .. but i plan on camping out the entire time :)

matthew carpenter
colorado springs, CO

My buddy and I are planning a whole ADT hike,from east coast to west coast, coming in April 2013. If the Mayans will let us. Start training tomorrow. Pretty stoked about this. I wish we were ready now! Never thought I'd actually go cross country on foot.

Zach L
southport, NC

I'm planning on heading out from Delaware on September 14! I'm so excited to be doing this!

Erin Copland
Fredonia, NY

I hope to bike tour this entire route starting next spring. I have that long to drop any obligations and get myself on there.

Larry Rossiter
holbrook, NY

I'm heading west from the Chicago area in the next three weeks and I was wondering if this might help me meet anyone prior to seeing you out there. I did the military thing and sorta got stuck craving the outdoors.

Johnny R
Chicago, IL

Just had a question for those who have done this before. Which route is more scenic when the trail splits in Ohio? The North route or the South route?

Craig K
Watchung, NJ

I am looking to start this hike in mid march 2013 as soon as i get out of the military, start from san diego and go all the way through to delaware, anybody wanna join they can, i plan to be moving at a fast paced so gotta be able to keep up.

Logan Kieffer
Brick, NJ

My husband (David) and I have just finished walking the American Discovery Trail from Marshalltown, Iowa to Melbourne, Iowa a couple of days ago. We walked it in segments. We are in our 70's and don't walk it very fast. We go 1 1/2 miles and turn around and go back to the car. The next day we start where we left off the day before, so we actually walked this trail twice. It is a beautiful walk and so peaceful. We enjoyed the wild flowers and plants along the trail. We are hoping they will soon add on to this trail. I would like to know what their plans are for extending it.

Joyce Bollhoefer
Laurel, IA

Setting out to hike the ADT and AT from Joliet some time in May.
Pretty excited.

Wolfgang Benetar
Round Lake Beach, IL

Will be returning to the trail in Evansville, IN on April 30, heading west. This will be my tenth year on the trail.

Jim Shaner
Honey Brook, PA

My best 4 legged friend Paige and I will start the trail on April 30th, beginning at Cape Henlopen. Planning to walk the entire trail within 2 years. Thanks for all the advice and info to all who have gone before me.

Joseph VanHook
Broken Arrow, OK

My cousin and I will be leaving from cincinnati bound for Florida on April 23rd. Will be meeting up with the AT in Maryland and head south from there. This is our first time walking the trail and we are excited for this life changing experience. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible!

Jonathan Rycek
cincinnati, OH

I love the PCT!

haily gushrowski
sacramento, CA



jim ( J T ) thompson
encinitas, CA

Just had a wonderful visit from Kait & John (2 leggeds) and Max & Grace (4 leggeds) on their way to Bridgeville, DE. If you meet them along the Trail they are beautiful people and dogs.

We wish them a growthful, safe, and exciting adventure!

Michael Smith
Georgetown, DE

Starting on the PCT at waldo lake, OR then jumping onto the ADT when they intersect. My destination being Richmond, Va. I'm leaving once the snow starts to melt on Willamette pass.

Michael Shaffer
Eugene, OR

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