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Nice site

Peter Klein
Kholn DE

I'm planning to ride my horse from Kansas City to Wash. DC starting April 2015, in support of Mental Health Awareness. Any riders out there with advice or want to go east?

Lynnae Englund
Big Cabin, OK

would me, my hubby, and my 2 kids be able to camp trailside the majority of the ADT or are hotels nessisary , when hiking the trail from east to west? i am asking because we are planning to hike the trail but our kids are fairly young , and it will help figure out how much money we will need for the journey. we are used to trail camping in the mountains but we haven't hiked at all on the adt. we do alot of hiking and camping and we thought it would be awesome for the kids, and us, to experience the united states in this way. any pointers would be apriciated as well.

pam and chris deimler
nebo, nc

Hey everyone, I'm heading west on the adt's northern route starting March 1st 2014. I live in DC, so I plan to leave from my front door, just a half mile from the trail.

Always interested in advice, tips, encouragement, etc. So hit me up if you think you can help out.

Also check out my site:

Nick Roland
Tamarac, fl

It so awesome to see so many people using this awesome trail. I am particularly excited about all of the people embarking on cross country hikes in 2014! I to plan on leaving from Delaware at the end of February and hike to San Fran! To follow my journey go to or

Mark Stutsman
Evansville, IN

My wife Melanie and I (JC) have walked from Cape Helopen DE. May 9, 2013 - To Sept. 26, 2013 Cumberland MD. we are staying here for the winter, Lord willing we will continue in the spring.. Love the ADT :).. Ps.. Yes we are slow

JC Melanie
Cumberland, MD

Hello All, I plan on walking across the country in March 2014. Any helpful hints and support is appreciated.

Noah Stellar
Ferndale, MI

Hello all, my family and I (me,my wife and our daughter) plan on a thru-hike west starting early February, 2014 Lord willing. This will be our second thru-hike if we finish the Alabama/Georgia Pinhoti next month. We are seeking help with ideas and logistics. We are also trying to find ways to raise funds when needed. Any help of any kind will be greatly appreciated. Our blog is and our facebook is backpacking believers. Thank and Lord Bless.

Christopher Sunde
Lineville, AL

My friend Wes and I started in Norco,CA on Sep 2,2013 we will be picking up the ADT in Kansas on the west side, we are hiking to New Hampshire, you can chat with us or followus on FB at BeardedHorsemen, it would be cool to meet up with more people going east.

Roderick Darby
Norco, CA

We started the American Discovery Trail in West Virginia after coming south on the AT from Pennsylvania.  We started May 29th 2013, our journal is at

John & Katie Buns
Altoona, PA

On April 7, 2014 I will start in Delaware and head west to San Francisco. I will use the lower trail. I just finished, August 26th,2013 going from Savannah, Ga to Monterey, California pushing my jogging stroller. I ran, jogged and walked, 2,592 miles. Raising money and awareness for the Alzheimers Association.

Jack Fussell
Canton, Ga

Hi all Started cape hemp open aug 3-now in queens town. Will go until winter or infirmity stops me (66). Hope to meet some friends old and new of the adt.
Ron zen quake Dobra
Greenville ME
AT Pct Cdt ???

Ron Dobra
Greenville, ME

Hi! I am so excited to have found this website and this trail! I've been wanting to travel across the US by horse back for a very long time! I was curious however, because I mostly see posts about biking and hiking, if horse riding is allowed on this trail? I certainly hope so!

Courtney Clarke
Asheville, NC

Hello all, I am planning to hike just the Iowa portion of the ADT starting last week in August or thereabouts. I'm looking for anyone who can give me insight into hiking this portion of the trail WEST to EAST and/or any updates about potential mail stops along the way, anything really would be a help. I'm giving myself about four weeks to complete this section. Please email me! Thanks

Lisa G
Seattle, WA

I rode from Delaware to KC Kansas last summer! I am on my way to California now! Trail gets lost in Ohio! Recommend having a map application on phone or tablet! Such a fun challenge!

Catherine McCormack
Devon, PA

We had the pleasure of meeting a gal hiking on this trail, yesterday on the North Bed Rail trail, while we were riding our bikes.  She had begun in Delaware and was going to California.

Roger and Anna Sheppard
Davisville, WV

This is a new update to my previous posts. I had planned on starting my ADT Trek early May, 2013 from DE to CA, however, I have to have surgery so I am delaying my start until after surgery and recovery. I will start my ADT trek in California to Delaware no later than April, 2014 now. Looking forward. I will be found at after I get it up and running. God Bless all trekkers, hikers, cyclists regardless of distance and keep them safe. The attempt and the journey are the sacred things more so than the destination.

Mark Isham
Tustin, CA

Hey, everyone! I'm leaving to hike the ADT from Missouri to Delaware starting May 31st of 2013! I'll start somewhere near the Kansas/Missouri state line. I'm 21 years old and somewhat new to the whole thing but plan to learn along the way! If anyone is going in the same direction or we'll meet up at any time maybe we could walk together or just stop and become friends! Feel free to contact me!

Dillon Orsburn
Tulsa, Ok

My husband, JC, and I plan, Lord willing, to get on the trail soon. (Delaware to Cali.) JC has spent a lot of time reading about the American Discovery Trail, and watching videos of people who have walked it. He watched all the videos of Mike, the Lion King, and often showed me clips. We\'re excited & motivated to get on the trail as soon as possible, and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for us, from personal experience on this trail or others.


I just finished a 560 mile trip from tn to fl on a horse and wagon, you can see the trip on Facebook AMERICA BY HORSE AND WAGON I love to hear fro any one traveling the discovery trail I will start my trip soon around July or agust.

mark weissenberg
cleveland, tn

I like the ADT website, all of it, including the USA map with state-by-state ADT detail. Really good. Here in Colorado, it is nice that the ADT is, in places, co-located with The Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. Very cool.

Bill Manning
The Colorado Trail Foundation
Golden, CO

Correction to my previous entry. I am starting at Henlopen Beach, Delaware, not Limantour Beach, CA. Traveling Westward from the ADT Start/End point at Henlopen, DE to Limantour, CA probably along the northern route.

Mark Isham
Tustin, CA

I started the ADT from Limantour Beach, CA on 3/21 and am headed to Delaware on foot. I will be backpacking and running the route. I have partnered with the North American Envirothon ( and would love for anyone who reads this to consider supporting the organization in some way!

I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2011 and walked southbound from Maine to Georgia. My trail name is Amplexus.

If anyone is interested in keeping up with my trip, you can find me online at There are links to facebook and twitter as well.

I am currently in Oakland, CA on day 5! Please feel free to contact me if you would like to help me make it across the country in some way (lodging, funding, food etc). Thanks!


Josh Seehorn
Athens, GA

i hope to leave on my trip across the ADT this year once it gets warmmer out , i plan to take my recumbent trike about 100 miles a day or better and complete it tryig to meet the people who live around the trail from what I see they are a great buch hope to to you all this year.

John Labonski
levittown, pa

Update to my previous guest entry; change of plans. I am going to cycle (bike) the ADT instead of walking/hiking to save time. I should be able to complete the coast to coast trek from Delaware ADT Start/End point to California ADT Start/End point in twelve months or less weather and other considerations, complications, flat-tires, etc. depending. I would enjoy the company of a healthy drug free female to accompany me on my trek and journey.  Should be drug and alcohol free, sound body, sound mind, well adjusted, no whiners, no complainers and must have an income to feed yourself.  If you are such a female and are interested in meeting me at the ADT Start/End point at Limantour Beach, Delaware early May, please feel free to send me a text message to my cell; (619)313-3977 and I will reply in kind, thank you, have an amazing day, hope to see you on the trail

Mark Isham
Tustin, CA

I am going to start my ADT Trek from Cape Helopen, Delaware ADT start trail about May 5-6, 2013 walking west to California ADT trail end. I am going to try to make the journey in 24 months or less. I am 56 year old retired Army Veteran 26 years honorable service.

Mark Isham
Tustin, CA

I biked the ADT in 2001. It's fun to see how the web site and trail have evolved.

John P. Molineaux
Cheverly, MD

My friend, Richard, and I are planning to hike the entire ADT from West to East starting on or around April 15th.  Any joiners? Please contact!  Also - how do you get water for crossing the desert?  That's our only concern at this point.  Anyone who has made the trip already, please let us know!

Larry Aronson
Herndon, VA

I plan on hiking from utah to points east using a hand and foot cart this spring, any suggestions would be welcomed.

Mark Feeley
Kingman, AZ

I depart April 1st and I'm really stoked. IS anyone else going april 1st. If so what will be your speed? Please e-mail me

Krista Weber
Bristol, CT

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