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I'm 64, retired, and I am planning a thru hike of the ADT beginning in late February 2016. I'm raising funds for the expansion of my home county's parks and recreation facilities. ( I wonder if using a pushcart for the entire trail is a feasible idea. Any comments?

Jim Ostdick
San Juan Bautista, CA

I'm starting my walk in 2016 and was wondering if anyone has done this walk without any long term breaks. I'd also love to hear any stories or advice anyone has, what the walk cost you monetarily and how long it took to complete. Thank you to anyone who can help!!

Lisa Sorenson
Des Moines, IA

I will be starting my trip east to west across America on foot in 2016, hopefully in March. If you are planning similar or have already done this trip I would love to talk. I would love to know how long it took you, what it cost you, any stories or information would be helpful! Thank you!

Lisa Sorenson
Des Moines, iA

Its July 27th and I want to leave August 3rd. Is that to late? I'll be heading west to san fran. Never done anything like this. Im excited and curious as to others experience.

Jesse Jones
Elizabeth, CO

On July 13th I begin my trek through Iowa. I will go off path as it is my intentions on meeting the most important hard working people on Earth. The American farmers. My drive is clean water. You can look me up on Google+ KarenDohrnPassTheSeed. Or Facebook Karen Dohrn. It has been 7 years of social networking & antics. Please join me on my journey for clean water. It begins in the heartland the breadbasket of the world.

Peace & Love
Pass The Seed.

Karen Dohrn
Bettendorf, Ia

Hi everyone. 2016 will be my year on the trail. I will be doing an American Military Trail research project while traveling the DAY. I am an historian, and because I will be 67 at the time I plan to both hike and use my Honda Trail 110 to allow a little more freedom and safety to my trip.

Question: Does anyone know how "little trail bike friendly" the trail is?

Logistics you ask? A couple of ways. First park a few miles ahead and hike round trip. Or second, ride ahead bypassing great hiking trails, store the little bike, then hitch back and enjoy the hike.

Input would be appreciated...Thanks everyone.

Carl Jackson

Carl B Jackson
Lake Forest, CA

Will be on trail to start in Delaware and going to California, with oldest son. Start date will be 06/05/2015.

Daniel Horning Jr., Mohawk, NY

I am disappointed that maps are only available for charge. I fully understand that nmonj-profits have to generate revenue somehow but a map is basic and given that the trail remains unmarked in certain places, a map, free of charge, would encourage participation, IMO. I look forward to starting the trail in about 4 weeks!

Glenn Simcox, Elk Garden, WV

Soon it will be time again to hit the trail.. Melanie and I are 60 miles east of Cincinnati, Ohio. We are considering which way to go: the Northern or the Southern route. After walking through Ohio and trying to follow the ADT map/turn-by-turn, we're in need of help.. What map(s) should we buy on the website? Anyone who has walked the trail and could give us information or recommendations, we'd greatly appreciate you doing so.. Thank you in advance. - JC email:

J.C., Hillsboro, OH

I am looking to do the east to west hike. I am looking for advice on how long it will take? How much money it cost? If there is a group that will doing this hike?

Ann Albin
Kingman, Az

Very exciting to find out about this trail which passes thru the Kansas City area only a few miles from my house. I will be finding out much more about this.

Charles Tribble
Overland Park, KS

I rode the trail from Delaware to Denver in 2012 and 2013. Should be back on it by May to finish. Will have a new homebuilt trailer that I can sleep in!

Catherine McCormack
Austin, TX

Plan on walking across the ADT starting March 1 and want to go from Delaware to California. Any help would be appreciated, i would like to also get some tips on what money to bring and supplies needed for the trip. Also, is it safe and reasonable to camp and not use hotels the whole way?

Wuerfel Trampington
Oxford, MS

Hello, I am going to hike the ADT starting in Ohio,(departing from Southern Michigan to ADT), along the Southern route, in late winter to early spring. I am looking for advice, any level of support, camping guidance, spiritual guidance, and wouldn't mind company for some legs of the trip.

Michael Scarcelli
Bellevue, MI

Los Angeles father and son preparing to take on the ADT- looking to reconnect, grow closer, and clear our career-changing heads for a life of writing. Trying to generate funds to take care of my wife while we embark on this journey and to dedicate the remaining funds to an organization dedicated to the sound support of our country's fatherless young men. Just bought a couple backpacks and a tent to test ourselves and equipment against the mountainous elements here in the mountain range north of LA. Planning on doing two or three outings like this before we take on the ADT. if you'd like to follow our progress, you can email me at and we'll keep you in our outgoing posts. If you would like to see the aspiring author side of me- the side I'm taking on the trail to author future books, you can go to my website: Happy trails to you!

Mitch Johnson
Los Angeles, CA

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