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Anyone familiar with the Nebraska segment of the trail? I am planning a run across Nebraska in April and would love to know more about this. The ADT would be much more preferable than state highways. I only have 2 weeks to accomplish my goal, however a transcon run is definitely on my checklist of things to do. Would also entertain any offers to put me up for a night. Not picky about accomodations.


Scott Giddings
Omaha, NE

Any one passing thru K.C. that needs help will try to be of assistance.

Hal Barnes
Independence, MO

i am a 50+ yr old ex-army paratrooper, who will be hiking the southern trail in june of 2008. currently training and reading everything i can about other peoples experiences on the trail. plan on completing the trek in less than 6 months time.

lubbock, TX

I plan on leaving from Baltimore on Jan. 1, 2007. I am currently 19 and I am taking a few semesters off from college to pursue my dream. I can't wait!

Mike Hale
Baltimore, MD

Hi !
I'm a Norwegian girl (turned 39 in august...), and I plan to do thetrail on bicycle in 2007 (may-sept./oct.) I have wanted to something like this for a long time, and when I found this web-site I knew this was it!! Got my map kit a couple of days ago, and that makes it feel alittle bit closer to actually happening :-) All I need now is company, so if there is someone out there who thinks about doing the same, please send me a mail, and we can compare notes...??

Kristin Gjevik
Trondheim, Norway

Hi, I'm a Norwegian girl (39 years old) who are planning to do the trail in 2007 on bicycle, got my map kit this weekend, and feel a little bit closer to getting there :-) So far I'm alone with my plans, but I'm looking for company, so if someone out there is planning the same send me a mail and maybe we can go together ??

Also if you already did this I could really need some tips about what to do and what not to do....

Kristin - Norway

Kristin Gjevik
Trondheim, Norway

I'm hoping to do the trail from NY to San Francisco next year, and am just in the early stages of research. My current big concern (of an enormous list!) is that I only have 6 months available. I therefore need a route which is maximum 4000 miles, and ideally more like 3500. The ADT is over 6000, which my little legs just wouldn t cover off. Can anyone point me in the direction finding out about a shorter route?

A big thank you in advance!

Anne Seymour
London, UK

Again, Happy Birthday Patti, hope you and Robin are doing okay,and your day will be a little special today, our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Your sister Lee keeps us posted on your trials and tribulations...You areto be sincerely congratulated. May God be with you.

Marian Madsen
Dresser, WI

I can extend a similar offer for Colorado Springs. I live just outside of Garden of the Gods. I thru-hiked the AT in 95 and would like to offer back some of the kindness that I received as a long distance hiker to those on the ADT. Sorry I don't have a private swimming lake.

Eric Hill
Colorado Springs, CO

We live on the ADT trail in Southern Illinois. Have met many nice trekkers. We have a bunkhouse and private lake to swim and cool off if anyone is interested in staying overnight during their trek. No Charge. Just the good conversation!

Tom Martin
Shawneetown, IL

I'm planning on hiking the trail completely on foot starting not long after the 20th this month. If anyone is in the area at thetime, here's my e-mail:

Eran Arbel

My husband and I are walking in 2007. Up until yesterday we were planning on walking the AT, but we just read a brochure about the ADT and we're stoked. Our plan is to leave March 1st. If you have any advice or comments, please feel free to send them. Thanks. P.S. We're walking with our dog, Beaner.

Crystal Davis
Harrisburg, PA

Hi planing to bike coast to coast. Our initial plan was thePortland/Portland route. I didn't know of this route, now we will consider

pep-lluis ropits
barcelona, Spain

I want to kick start my retirement by walking the ADT next April 2007 from start to finish, I will be 64 and would like any one who is interested in walking the trail to get in touch with me. I am really looking forward to this hike

Robyn Heath

Getting to the Point. In a Dozen Pairs of Shoes, is the book title and story of my 5000 mile solo trail run across America on the ADT. It will be available through this site soon, but until then can be ordered through and your local bookstore. Enjoy the trail! Brian Stark

Brian Stark
Tucson, AZ

I've had some of the nicest people stop by our Inn this year traveling the trail, if you're in Keyser, come and stay with us.

Fred Engle, The Candlewyck Inn, Keyser, WV 304-788-6594

Fred Engle
Keyser, WV

I am planning horse long ride to begin anytime after August 15, 2006. Have saddle? wanna travel? would lve to hear from any fellow traveler be it by foot, cycle, horse, or stroller!

kathleen hayes
aubrey, TX

If you would like to hike the ADT please contact me 484-201-9647 I am currently solo and ready to go. Please please I need
a partner.

Prior Marine and currently training

Mark Jones
Harrisburg, PA

Anyone wanting to hike the trail starting in California starting December of this year please contact me.

Mark Jones
Harrisburg, PA

I went with the Unionport Boy Scout troop 192 for a bike ride along the North Bend Rail to Trail section in WV. We covered 53 miles from Parkersburg, WV to Smithburg, WV. It was great! We want to go back and finish it.

Rob Beiber
Unionport, OH

That's cool you guys are doing this. Keep up the great work. We need more people like you two in the world.

Karrie Dooley
McPherson, KS

I am looking for people interested in walking across america.

Michele Pilipovich Strouth
Alexandria, VA

I'm planning on hiking the complete trail from Delaware to California in March 2007. I really can't wait to start this :-)

Denis Tiplady
Hereford, UK, England

Great Site. I am looking to start non-stop hike across the entire trail in May. Others who wish to join are welcome and can contact me at

Eddie Mikell
Charlottesville, VA

I plan on hiking the entire trail starting in mid April, I think it would be best If I didn't go alone for the entire stretch - I'm looking for people to hike with for either the whole way or part of the way...It's going to be awesome.

Matthew Brown
Grand Rapids, MI

This trail is amazing. I hope to do parts of it from my home here in Cool, CA. I hope more people will learn about it and preserve more of America in this way, for future generations.

pam greer
Cool, CA

Hi people
I'm thinking about taking this trail during the summer, I've got 3.5 months vacation from College, any ideas if it can be done in that time? I'm interested to chat with anyone about this please mail me on thanks :D

James Elsey
great cornard, Sudbury, United Kingdom

I want to ride a horse across country. I need some feed back on this matter. I want to start in March.

Steve Markov
Chicago Il

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